A-Star in the


There was an overwhelmingly positive response to our A-star pilot project which took place in Frampton Park Estate East London Hackney. It was both humbling and also inspiring it galvanised the team to continue pushing to make a difference in people's life. However A-star only engaged with those who share in our philosophy and our believe that every young person should be given the support and platform to express themselves and fulfil their potential.


One such organisation was Circle 33 Housing Trust which is part of the leading affordable housing provider Circle Anglia. A-star In The Community- was an event that took place in conjunction with Circle 33 at Priory Court Estate in Walthamstow East London 2008.


Although we were all aware of the social problems in the area such as crime and unemployment A-star was there to encourage community cohesion and also raise awareness of opportunities within the borough. We encouraged many service providers to attend and bring paraphernalia about the services they can provide to assist the young people in pursuit of education ,employment or training. Inspire Professional footballers, some of the best talent in dance music and fashion where in attendance representing the A-star Movement. The young people of Priory Court also had the chance to not only engage with the high profile ambassadors they also got to showcase their considerable talent as well.