We were energised by all the positive feedback from organisations like Circle 33 , Safer Neighbourhoods Police , mentors, youth workers and most importantly the young people within the communities where our programmes were delivered. We were however still extremely worried about the increase in crime on our streets and concerned with the lack of creative and positive outlets for young people. Our goal and aspiration was to build solid engagement platforms that make a difference for young people around the country.


A-star is all about inclusion and meeting young people in an environment they are comfortable in. Our community outreach work allows us to understand what challenges a young person encounters on a daily basis. So our ambassadors many of whom are youth workers, mentors professional footballers and artists have always been passionate about going out to meet young people, making a difference and helping them make choices that match their passion.


So in that spirit, The A-star league was born to engage the youth at grass roots level. The A-star league is the first league of it's kind. It's the country's primary urban street ball competition it is a hybrid of the most popular game in the world created by professional footballers to impact socially within communities.

In brief the game is a four aside affair, fast paced using purpose built court and goals to ensure a high scoring spectacle. With Djs, Mc's and entertainment provided by local talent alongside Chart topping artists. Each team is chosen by a professional footballer ,the team must consist of young people from where the player grew up. This has had an impact on young peoples lives in a social way. The A-star league offers something for everyone. If you are a teenager inspired by the beautiful game who wants to take part , compete and possibly have an opportunity to meet one of their heroes.


You could be a serious competitor who has played football at a good standard loves the competition wants to galvanise community spirit and possibly enhance your chance of having a career in the sport. We also know that young people need to be encouraged to be active in a secure environment. A star understands how beneficial instruction from top coaches/ role models and the positive impact that can have on a young person.


A-star league also provides footballers and various successful artists a chance to give something back to their community or global community through the inspiring A-Star street ball games, played in a new fresh and exciting way.


The A-Star League has seen the likes of Artistes / professional footballers such as, Chipmunk aka "Chip" and Kano taking part and has the firm support of players like Romelu Lukaku , Oscar, Benik Afobe, Antonio Valencia and Ian Wright to name but a few.


It 's about building confidence, self esteem, community cohesion ,peer to peer engagement and a long term view of opening up pathways to employment for young people ,Not only does every child matter but we believe that every child is A- Star and for The A-star foundation has been established for over 10 years, with an unforgettable goal celebration, which hit the world stage and left an indelible mark in football history and has since captured the imagination of young and old and has firmly placed A-Star in the forefront of new innovative ways of reaching young people.