A-Star Youth

Inspire Day

The A-Star Movement had steadily built momentum and we had people's attention thanks to our iconic goal celebration performed by many high profile footballers from the English Premier League and beyond.


We started to catch the attention of the media and there was genuine interest in our brand and what we stand for. Our next project A-star Youth Inspire Day received both national and international media coverage.


A-star inspire" Development First Soccer School delivering structured, fun, coaching sessions to boys and girls between the ages of 9 - 19. The majority of the attendees at present, have a form of additional / special need or disability.


The attendees have conditions such as; ADHD, Autism,Global Development Delay, CFC Syndrome, Mild Scoliosis and Dyspraxia. The sessions cover all aspects of football in the same way you would expect amongst mainstream participants. NO limitations are placed on those attending.


A-Star being sensitive towards individual limitations whether they be mental or physical, but at the same time, We allow each person to extend their range

and development in a supportive, caring, environment. Parents and Carers, have at times been pleasantly surprised at just what some of those attending, have been able to achieve in a session. No one is pre-judged beforehand.